Harold Napper School

6375 Baffin
Brossard, Québec
J4Z 2H9

Tel : (450) 676-2651
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Harold Napper is a Brossard elementary school, opened in November 1973 that prides itself on its stimulating multicultural milieu. Our student population of over 550 students forms a mosaic of more than 35 cultures sharing a harmonious educational environment.


We offer a unique and exciting educational experience that builds a social community on a foundation of academic excellence. Our dynamic staff, eager learners and a child centered 3R: RESPECT-RESPONSIBILTY-READY TO WORK- philosophy ensures a safe and caring environment that encourages life-long learning.



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Academically, Harold Napper School offers two different programmes of instruction at each grade level. Thirty percent of the school population is enrolled in our English stream, while seventy percent follow our French Immersion Programme. Our team of dedicated teachers, support staff and parents strives for excellence to provide quality education for all students.

The size and physical layout of the school allows us to offer and maintain excellent opportunities for learning. Teachers, students and parents all come together, as one, in The Pit which is found in the centre of the school.  It is here where we meet, greet and form the Harold Napper Community.  The classrooms are well laid out, very spacious in size and evenly positioned on two floors. Our full-sized gymnasium, computer room and storage areas allow for the opportunity to purchase both equipment and pedagogical materials.   


Please visit the Brossard Library to get your library card free of charge.

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